Zoe Saldana: Get The Look by Jackie Gomez



Zoe Saldana is known for her natural beauty and acting chops, but like the rest of us, a little makeup will set the tone for any event.  In this case I had the immense pleasure of glamming her up for a People en Español in New York City event and she needed to have a night time glow that exuded sophisticated sexy.

To achieve this look, I used 3 key makeup products that I keep in my bag at all times.

loreal eyeshadow


L’Oreal Paris Stacked Heels Eye Shadow – $5.99

The purple hues are perfect for brown eyes and really make them pop. On Zoe, this was no different and it was perfect for the look I was going for. I started using the middle lighter shade all over the lid to brighten up the eye. Second I dusted the top purple layer from the lash line to the crease to give a multi-toned look and finally using the darker bottom layer shade as an eye liner and really give it a night time smokey look.

As I mentioned above, I was going for a natural glow on Zoe’s complexion and that’s exactly what can be achieved with this blush and bronzer combo. First apply the bronzer evenly all over the face, then accent your cheeks with the iridescent pink palette. Remember, when applying blush, smile really hard and gently dust the color on the apples of your cheeks.  Make sure not to overdo it, otherwise you’ll look a bit too overdone and the goal here is to have a natural summer glow at any time of the year.
To finish off Zoe’s look, she needed a shiny and silky gloss to compliment her dewy glow. Since I couldn’t actually use the butter I keep in my fridge to give her that natural moisture, I opted for the next best thing. These Butter Glosses are perfect and make you look absolutely stunning, and for the price, it seems like a win – win!

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