Wake up and open your eyes!

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Throughout the years of working in the beauty industry, I have often been asked about secrets to looking healthy and products that brighten up one’s complexion. So today I thought I would write about a product that instantly fixes a dull, tired face and creates an illusion of being well-rested and awake. This secret gadget and an absolute must in anyone’s makeup kit is a white eyeliner!

A white eyeliner is a great way to brighten up and can be used during the day or night. Check out some of my favorite looks that would not be the same without the addition of a white eyeliner:

0812-rachel-nichols-white-eyeliner-eye-makeup_bd image_02 Picture 3

I love these looks, however, the trick to using a white eyeliner is to not over-do-it! Think – subtle and soft!

Here are three steps for a fast and easy application:

1) Apply the eyeliner to the waterline. (Try your best not to get the liner in your lashes!)

2) Apply a little extra eyeliner on the inner and outer corners of your eyes and smudge with your fingers or an eyeshadow brush.

3) Finish off with some mascara and compliment with your favorite bright gloss or lipstick! (I like to pair this eye look with a coral or a fuchsia lipstick!)

Try this look and let me know what you think!

Wake up and face the beauty!


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