The Red Lip is Having a Moment in Fashion

Okay, so it’s gotten to the point that we can no longer ignore the power of the red lip. As you know we love a red lip, in fact it’s one of the foundations of the Face The Beauty brand. This is a great example of the fashion and beauty industries colliding as they have so many other times in the past.

Shoes, clutches, shirts, sweaters… They’re all getting in on the action. Suddenly a little red lipstick on your shirt or shoes doesn’t seem like a bad idea, sorry Tide Stick, but we love this new trend!

Check out some of the brands that have been making the red lip the star of their fashion pieces.

Smoking Lips clutch by Prada
Polka Dot Red Lip Tee by
Chiara Ferragni Glitter Slippers
Nasty Gal American Retro Lip Patch Sweater
Nasty Gal American Retro Lip Patch Sweater
Nasty Gal Hot Kisses Tee

xoxo Jackie

Disclaimer: In no way do we condone or glamorize smoking. Smoking is hazardous to your health and can wreak havoc on your skin. It sure is not a way to Face The Beauty. 

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