The best makeup artist is one that has no fear.

Style: "Portrait B&W"

Wednesday night was an extraordinary night for me as well as many other fellow makeup artists. Hundreds of artists gathered in Milk Studios in NYC to hear Val Garland, a true makeup master, talk about her famous looks throughout the years as well as recreate some of them for us live. The looks included the W Magazine’s “Haute Death Tattoo”, Vivienne Westwood’s Horses 2011 Runway show look, and many more. I loved hearing different stories that went along with each look that Val did, listening to her was truly captivating and inspiring. Check out some of Val’s work from the event:

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At the end of the presentation, Val also revealed to us what her top three favorite Mac products were. So for those of you who are curious and would like to know, they are:

1) Mac Mineralize Foundation

2) Mac Liquid Eyeliner

3) Mac Lipstick in Ruby Woo – One of my favorite products as well!

Check out the goodie bag from the event! I love it.


One thing that Val pointed out that most people from the outside of the industry don’t realize is that even though our craft requires a talent, a makeup artist must also do a great deal of research to create a truly one-of-a-kind, memorable look. Before ending the show, Val also shared something that is still resonating in my mind. She said that the biggest characteristic that separates a truly extraordinary artist from the rest is that the best artists have no fear. I believe this applies to everything in life and any profession- if you want to be truly successful at something, you must have no fear!

So have no fear and face the beauty!


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