Jackie Gomez is the pro artist behind Face the Beauty. Her love of makeup started at a young age and she began sharing her skills as a freelance makeup artist at 18. She quickly became known for her effortless looks, gaining a reputation as a titan in the makeup industry. As a red carpet beauty favorite, Jackie is highly praised as an architect behind many of today’s leading singers and Hollywood actors – an impressive celebrity following who’ve loved and supported Jackie for over a decade.

Now, Jackie is a mother of three living in New York state. Using her brand, Face the Beauty, she is ready to bring her skills and know-how to the masses through Face the Beauty Labs. With Face the Beauty, Jackie is creating a movement to empower women and send the message that makeup is much more than a superficial artifact— makeup has the power to give a woman confidence. Jackie’s aesthetic centers around the concept of facing beauty head-on. As a Latinx artist who’s traveled the world, she discovered that there’s an exotic and beautiful woman waiting to happen everywhere. Her work inspires you to accept your inner beauty, accept your external beauty, and fuse the two to create a distinct you. She believes makeup is the tool used to complement every woman to look and feel amazing.