How to: Get a Flawless Summer Bronze


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We’re in the midst of the summer months and we all want to have that bronzed dewy look. If you want to keep your skin healthy and avoid those dangerous UV rays, I’ve got a few tips to help you with get the look without the harmful side effects.

Below are my tips on the best way to apply bronzer.

1. Make sure you have a freshly clean brush, you don’t want to use a dirty brush and spread all the dirt on your face clogging up your pores and resulting in an unnecessary breakout.

2. Dust the brush onto your favorite bronzer and tap away any access powder so you get a nice and even contoured look.

3.  Place the brush in the middle of your forehead and proceed to mimic the shape of the number 3.

4.  Glide the brush in a circular ‘3’ shape under the cheekbone, moving the brush back towards the ear and back down around the chin under the jaw line.

5.  Repeat the same motion on the left side of your face, but this time with a backwards 3 shape and don’t forget to finish off with a light dusting on the nose.

xo, Jackie

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