Hang out with your girlfriends…

…and you just might discover a miracle!

A few months back, at one of my occasional girls night out dinners, I got to catch up with a few ladies that I haven’t seen in a while. As per usual during these kinds of occasions, we talked for hours just about anything and everything. Of course a big part of our conversation centered around beauty- we are girls after all! Besides the fact that beauty is my passion, I truly enjoy talking to people about it because that is often how I learn about some of the best products out there.

At this particular dinner, we were discussing our skin care must-haves, particularly the best products for acne prone skin. So many people struggle with this problem and with the hot weather around the corner, our skin is a lot more prone to clogging and break outs. It was at this point in our vigorous discussion over dinner and wine when a friend of mine, a fashion editor in her mid-twenties, mentioned the Clarisonic face brush. She swore by this beauty gadget, saying that nothing has ever worked better at clearing her skin than the Clarisonic brush with the Acne Cleansing Brush Head.

clarisonic_brush_headCurious to try this miracle tool, I rummaged my house to find the Clarisonic brush that was given to me as a gift a while back and used it to cleanse my face that night. For a month straight, I incorporated the brush into my daily skin care routine and what a huge difference it has made! My skin looks smoother, more youthful, and radiant. The brush really works wonders, not to mention feels amazing on the skin. I strongly recommend this tool and here is how I use it every night:

Step 1 – Wet your face and the brush head with warm water.

Step 2 –¬†Apply a gentle cleanser to the brush head and use the brush in circular motions as per Clarisonic instructions. When doing your chin area, briskly cleanse your neck.

Step 3 – Tone with your usual toner.

Step 3 – Apply your night moisturizer.

Step 4 – Use a blemish treatment cream on problem spots and areas.

Try this magic face brush, and face the beauty!


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