Give Your Skin a Summer Glow with These Skincare Products

Hi gorgeous! During the pandemic, I tried out a slew of new skincare products! There have been days where I just want to pamper myself, and that means adding a little extra face cream or a great face mask into the mix. 

To Face the Beauty, you need to feel your best, and skincare is an essential part of that. Great skin also makes a solid base for flawless makeup. You can’t have one without the other. Give your summer glow a little something extra by trying some of my top favorite skincare products. Read on for more!

Sabor Holistico has a great product for the face and body called Mantequilla Botanica, or botanical butter. From the name, you can already tell it’s buttery and smooth, leaving my skin super hydrated and glowing. The scent actually reminds me of a spa I went to in Mexico. It’s great for the face and body—I even use it on my baby. This is a must-have that’ll leave your skin feeling amazing! 

I can’t live without my Lumière de Vie® Micellar Cleanser. It’s perfect for prepping the skin before makeup, giving you a clean palette to work off of. It’s also what I use to remove makeup and cleanse my face before bed. This product is super gentle on my skin, which is sometimes sensitive to harsh soaps! 

Sjal is one of my new favorite skincare brands. I love their Pearl Enzyme Exfoliating Mask. Gently massage a pea-size amount onto cleansed skin, and keep away from the eyes. Leave it on for five minutes, rinse, and TA-DA! Beautiful skin. 

Emepelle is an incredible brand for women with mature skin. It helps target accelerated skin aging due to estrogen loss. It improves firmness, hydration, and luminosity for a summer glow no matter your age.

Kate Somerville Glow Moisturizer will forever be on my top five list. I keep one in my makeup kit to use on clients and use it on myself at home. It’s that good!