Get the Look: Loren Ridinger by Jackie Gomez

IMG_20140813_1 (1)Doing what I do, my career has be going to places world-wide to make my clients beautiful. This time, my good friend Loren Ridinger asked if I could fly to North Carolina to get her glam for her Market America convention. Needless to say, business definitely mixed with pleasure, I had a blast!

Loren is a mogul and entrepreneur that truly inspires my personal and business life on a daily basis. Her dedication to her various projects is unparalleled and I am lucky to have the opportunity to not only work with her, but to know her.

Now let’s get to the good stuff! To get Loren’s look all you’ve gotta do is follow the simple steps below and hti the town.


When beginning a flawless look, start by using a hydrating foundation, I personally like Face Atelier Ultra Foundation Pro ($34.00).  It hydrates the skin by making it look soft and bright.


I totally understand how contouring can be intimidating and not something you tend to do at home, but trust me when I say it’s a must! Try the Motives Mavens Sculpt Series palette ($35.00), it’s really easy to use and soon can be part of your daily makeup routine. When applying remember to use light tones under the eyes, down the center of your nose and on the top of the cheeks. This highlights your skin in just the right places. Second, apply the darker hues to contour and shade your face. To do this, start at the temples of your face and apply it from the ear line underneath your cheek bones to the center of the cheeks. Follow with a blending session; I love to use the Beauty Blender sponge ($19.95).


I wanted her eyes to look big and jump out of her face, for this, I used the Motives Eye Shadow in Hazelnut ($29.95+), this allowed for that effect to happen, the shadows go on smooth and the pigmented colors are great for applying all over the lid from lash line to crease. Loren especially loves the heavy shadow on the bottom.

Next I used the Motives Luxe Precision Eye Line liner, ($14.00) it glides on so smooth, it is almost impossible to make a mistake. Try it! You’ll love the results.



To finish off the big eye look, I knew an eyelash curler and false lashes were a must! I used Motives Lashes ($7.75), which are one of my favorites! They widen the eye and give that glam look. I also love using their dark lash glue which not only blends perfectly, but accentuates the liner and makes it look darker for a beautiful sexy vampy look.


For the pout I love using Motives Mineral Lipstick in Rosewood ($17.00) on Loren, it looks stunning on her and the best part, it’s great for all skin tones. To me, it’s a must-have product, no matter the occasion or what you’re wearing; it’s always my go-to. Don’t leave home without it!

Check out below for some fun shots from the event, I’m sure you’ll recognize some famous faces.

xo, Jackie

Having fun working at the #maic2014 makeup on @lorenridinger by me xoxo #makeupismylife #jackiegomez


Beautified @lolamilan1 at the #maic2014 xoxo #colombianas #latinas #makeupismylife #jackiegomez xoxo besos Hermosa!
Love you both so much! having an amazing time beautifying @lorenridinger for #maic2014 @motivescosmetics xoxo #jackiegomez makeup by me xoxo
Love you both so much! having an amazing time beautifying @lorenridinger for #maic2014 @motivescosmetics xoxo #jackiegomez makeup by me xoxo

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