Get Pouty Lips: Jackie’s Top Tip for Bigger Lips

Pouty lips are a big trend right now. It feels like everyone is trying to find ways to make their lips look bigger without an invasive treatment. That’s where makeup comes in! We love that makeup can help transform your look while keeping with your natural strength and beauty. That’s what Face the Beauty is all about. Get the gorgeous lips you want while still feeling confident in your own skin! 

On Thursday, July 16th Jackie went live with Motives® Cosmetics. If you watched to the end of the live video, Jackie shared her top tip for bigger lips. Her tutorial was all in Spanish, so you non-Spanish speakers might have missed it. While using the ThaliaXMotives Viva Palette, Jackie paired her summer look with the ThaliaXMotives Liquid Lipstick in Red Velvet

“For me, the color red is one of power. I always put on red lipstick. It reminds me of the women in my family. It brings light to the face and it’s super sexy.”- Jackie Gomez

Jackie started out by applying a base to her lips with the Motives® Eye Base. Adding a base to your lips helps your lipstick stay on longer while making the color pop.  Jackie told followers that if she doesn’t have lip liner on hand, she uses a light bronzer and a flat brush together to create a shadow around the lips. She warned viewers that when going around the top lip, to go in with a light hand because your light shadow could quickly turn into a mustache. Her shadow tip is a way to create the illusion of pouty lips.

After applying the ThaliaXMotives Liquid Lipstick, Jackie was asked for makeup tips on how to help make lips look bigger. She suggested taking the lipstick from the corner of the lip into the cupids bow to help give lips the look of more volume. According to Jackie, this takes practice, so don’t be afraid to take your time while trying this out. Watch the full makeup tutorial below! 

So, there you have it! Jackie shared her top tip for bigger lips. Want to see more from Jackie Gomez? Head to our Labs page to tell us the sort of educational labs you’d like to see for yourself!

As always, be bold, be beautiful, and be YOU!