Face The Beauty 2014

Hey all!

As many of you know, on January 30th, Face The Beauty had its second annual event – an evening dedicated to celebrating beauty and empowering women all over the world. It is a night that is so dear to my heart for so many reasons and I truly thank everyone who supported me and helped make this event special. I couldn’t be happier with the way everything turned out and it was an honor to be in the same room with so many incredible people: beauty industry mavens, fellow artists, my dear clients, friends, and family.

As part of this night’s tradition, I revealed my top beauty picks for the new year. All of the products are products I use on regular basis and feel are great for most complexions and skin types. This year I picked the following products to be my ultimate beauty must-haves:

Picture 1

1) Smashbox Halo Blush in Blissful

2) Tarte Mascara in Lights, Camera, Flashes

3) Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Oil

4) Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner

5) Essie Nail Polish in Belugaria

6) Maybelline Lipgloss in Dashing Orchid

7) Garnier Refreshing Wipes

8) L’Oreal Color Rich Eyeshadow in Lucky Charm

Every year I look forward to unveiling these amazing products and receiving feedback on them. But to me, this event means so much more. My goal for Face The Beauty is to work with beauty brands to empower and strengthen self-esteem in women. Beauty products are powerful tools in that they can instantly brighten up one’s mood and give one more confidence.

When I was growing up, my mom always wore a red lipstick. In fact, that’s the only color she wears to this day. I realized that when she didn’t have it on, she wouldn’t be as lively as when she wore it. That shiny tube of classic red lipstick transformed my mother into a vibrant, confident, and radiant woman. Oftentimes, by using a favorite beauty product, a red lipstick or some mascara, is just enough to give one that needed positive boost.

With that said, there’s no beauty tool that can make someone truly beautiful and confident. This is because inner beauty is the most important feature in a person. It is the inner beauty and how one feels about themselves on the inside translates to the outside. Thus, when we think positively of who we are, we are projecting self- confidence, strength, and most of all, true beauty.

Though the Face The Beauty event, I want to send out an important message to women and girls who don’t feel beautiful and don’t love themselves as much as they should. I want women to first and foremost love themselves and Face the Beauty within. Use makeup to complement your already existing beauty and not mask it!

Check out pictures from the event!1012073_616436181738579_1110824802_n 1012264_616434028405461_1271398879_n 1549255_616434431738754_184663479_n 1661271_616437128405151_1335719726_n 1782007_616435368405327_1982980623_n 1901403_616436848405179_1274237141_nCheck out more pictures by Carlos Castillo Photography on Face The Beauty TM’s Facebook Page:


Love yourself, Face the Beauty!


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