Hello, my dolls!

I’m very excited to share that my IG is back! That’s right after 4 months of my account being hacked finally I was able to log in and get my page back! Once I lost access to my account I reached out to Facebook via Ads, (my husband’s idea) if you have Facebook for your business you can pay for an ad and you will get a popup window with someone actually from Facebook. At first, I reached out to Facebook and I shared what happened to my account they flat out said we can’t help you! wow, I was shocked I couldn’t believe that I was never going to get my account back. I didn’t give up I continued to persist on someone from facebook helping me out and finally, Carlos from Facebook helped me.

Carlos was very nice and understood what happened. He was also very honest and yes he said he couldn’t help me. Once again I felt lost but! what Carlos did to help me as he gave me this email security@instagram.com I must have emailed this email 100 times with the same story & images. I never got a reply back from them but that’s the mystery of Facebook/Instagram. One morning I got an email to change my password and all the steps lead me to login in without any issues. If anyone has problems with their Instagram I suggest emailing this account nonstop until you have access! Good Luck!