Jackie Gomez, the visionary artist behind Face the Beauty, developed a deep passion for makeup from an early age. Her journey as a makeup artist commenced at the tender age of 18 when she began sharing her remarkable talents as a freelance makeup artist. It didn’t take long for her to earn recognition for her impeccable artistry, propelling her to become a formidable figure in the makeup industry.

Renowned for her ability to create effortlessly stunning looks, Jackie has solidified her status as a titan in the makeup world. She has left an indelible mark on the industry, especially as a favorite among red carpet celebrities. Her list of clientele boasts leading singers and Hollywood actors who have cherished and supported her for over a decade.

Today, Jackie is a devoted mother of three, residing in the state of New York. Through her brand, Face the Beauty, she is poised to share her extensive expertise and knowledge with the wider public through Face the Beauty Labs. Jackie’s mission with Face the Beauty transcends cosmetics; she aims to empower women and convey the profound message that makeup is far more than a mere superficial embellishment – it possesses the transformative ability to instill confidence in every woman.

Jackie’s artistic vision revolves around the idea of embracing beauty without reservation. As a Latinx artist who has explored diverse corners of the world, she has unearthed the exotic and captivating beauty that exists within every woman. Her work serves as an inspiration, encouraging individuals to embrace both their inner and external beauty, uniting these elements to craft a unique and authentic identity. Jackie firmly believes that makeup is the artistic tool that enhances each woman’s natural beauty, helping them radiate confidence and feel truly amazing.