Be Bold•Be Beautiful•Be You.

Hello, gorgeous! Welcome to Face the Beauty – your ultimate destination to rediscover your natural radiance. We firmly believe in the transformative power of makeup, and we’re excited to guide you on how to harness it to rekindle your inner strength.

We understand you because we are just like you. You have a deep passion for makeup and artistic expression, using it as a means to enhance your true self. You’re on the path to uncovering your self-assuredness and nurturing your inner artist. So, consider this your warm invitation to a place where you can flourish, unapologetically.

Face the Beauty was born from the visionary expertise of professional artist Jackie Gomez, who wanted to share her talents with the world through her meticulously crafted labs. With their unparalleled knowledge, you’ll embark on a journey to experience beauty at an entirely new level. You don’t have to break the bank on expensive classes or travel far and wide to access her unique skills. Instead, you can learn from the comfort of your own home, armed with her expert tools. Because we believe that beauty should be an accessible adventure for everyone – and that certainly includes you.

“I’ve always found beauty incredibly universal yet very distinct. I’ve always been very conscious of the power of this universal language of beauty. It helps highlight the unique features that make us beautiful. With Face the Beauty, we showcase our favorite tools for capturing individual beauty.”

-Jackie Gomez